Looking for Mole Removal?

Mole Removal


Eastern Mole (Scalopus aquaticus)

Also known as the Common mole. Moles are often mistaken as rodents. In actuality they are insectivores with a diet consisting of earthworms and insect larva. A mole’s average size is 6–7 inches in length and a weight of 3–4 ounces. Moles are solitary except for breeding. Often thought of as completely blind moles actually have eyes which are hidden in fur. Their eyelids are permanently fused and can tell the difference between light and dark. Typically a litter can range from two to five. With a rapid growth period moles can leave the nest at four weeks and begin to burrow and shift for themselves.

Mole Damage:

Moles will damage lawns through their intricate tunnel systems that they make under sod. Moles are equipped with large, paddle like front feet with long claws which, enable moles to push through the soil. These tunnels provide moles with multiple feeding areas.

Mole Removal:

Intrepid Wildlife Services can identify mole problems and provide solutions. We will trap moles within their tunnel system using safe, species specific traps. Programs can effectively be completed in as little as one week. Call today for mole removal Westchester.

Mole Prevention:

Currently there is no true way to prevent moles. Where ever there are Earthworms there can be moles. If your property is heavily rocky you are less likely to have moles but even still theres a chance they will come.

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